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UK Taking Over: Wk 7

UK Taking Over: Wk 7

I feel as though I need to take a deep breath after this one.

To dissect a bit of what we saw, there were a couple of great daily challenge performances, a couple of odd Tribunal choices, and what turned out to be a bit of a disappointing elimination.

Now, I’m sure the Amanda-haters are smiling and dancing in the streets tonight, and I might be reading this whole thing wrong. But after a mighty rookie season, I’ve been turned way, way off by Killa Kam, and tonight seemed to be the cherry on top. We also had a nice underdog story with Amanda and Josh, and whether you were a fan or not, they were likable in this episode.  Also, I’ve been openly pro-Amanda for a long time, and I’ve never seen more Amanda fans come out of the woodwork.  Don’t worry, there’s room.

What I’d really like to talk about, reason number one Cara drives me bonkers: HYPOCRITE. We see two teams open this daily challenge —both teams happen to be duos that Cara isn’t aligned with: Kyle & Mattie and Amanda & Josh. Cara is seen yelling from the ground to try and confuse/disorient the blindfolded teams competing up on the apparatus. This sort of starts a precedent - and it happens a few times throughout.

Then, we see two pro-Cara teams, namely Paulie & Ninja, begin to compete. Bear begins harassing them in the same manner —yelling from the ground, trying to cause a ruckus. Bear went at it harder and louder, sure, but used the same exact technique. Cara is almost immediately peeved; getting very visibly frustrated, reprimanding Bear as if he’s a child and acting as if she would never, ever do this to anyone. She continues making multiple comments toward Bear and being overall disgusted with him, arms crossed, dejected and appalled. How dare they?

Cara...this is the reason you have Challenge viewers that are completely annoyed by you. Everything another competitor does in this game that negatively affects you is “unfair” or childish, but when the same exact tactic is employed that you used moments earlier, you somehow put yourself in another category.

Ok, enough of that. Let me move back a bit. First, shocked to see Gus and Jenna make a top three finish, and enthralled to see that both Wes and Bear make it (so their votes weren’t wasted on one another - I feel this works better than them directly at each other’s throat at the moment - and while I’m certainly not a Wes fan, I see the benefit of him staying longer). I know Amanda rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but she is absolutely right that her and Josh were not the right play —and friends or not, Da’Vonne needs to listen to her own advice when she talks about winning this money and realize that Bear is 100% right to target the best team in the house. Paulie and Natalie are nearly unbeatable, and when you have a chance to remove them, you take it. The problem: Bear has now made them an enemy by nominating them, and didn’t even get his chance to take a shot when his teammate didn’t back him up - I felt like Day needed to wake up a bit and look bigger picture.

I understand that friends can help you, but Bear was always willing (and insistent) to fall on that sword. Day could have just done what she ended up doing anyways, which is cry a bit and have someone else tell Paulie it wasn’t on her. At that point, hope your name getaway was a great  cleared. But no team in this game can honesty say they’d be okay running in a final against them.

The elimination...god damnit. First off, I’ve been excited for Kam and Ash to show something, and they finally got the chance. The funny thing is, despite all of Ash’s screams (how many times did he Hulk-scream?), they were far from dominant. In fact, they very nearly were eliminated by Amanda & Josh.

The rule for this elim was bogus. Climb, and if your team falls, the other team has literally all day to come back and get just one peg further to win. It’s also a race - if neither team falls it’s first to the top. We saw Amanda & Josh explode as if they were shot from a canon. Toward the peak of their run, they were easily 80% up the wall while Kam & Ash sat around 20-30%. Of course, we see Amanda & Josh fall followed by Kam & Ash inching, delicately, up the ladder. This took all of the excitement out —and I would love nothing more than to hear from the losing team about this rule that was supposedly broken: on Twitter Amanda & Josh both said that going back-to-back was forbidden.


And a shoutout to Reality Radio Pod for this incredible couple minutes from Dee:



  • So, what do you think? Were Amanda and Josh hosed?  If so, why would MTV want to knock them out?
  • Now that Wes has very clearly made an enemy out of Kam & Ash, is he too buried under the Brit attack to come back from?

Back to business.




2. WES & DEE












8. KAM & ASH





7th: Amanda & Josh

6th: Leroy & Shaleen

5th: Zach & Zahida

4th & 3rd : CT & Julia/Natalie & JP

2nd: Bananas & Morgan

1st: Ashley & Chase

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