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Another Champ Sent Packing;Week 5 Power Rankings

Another Champ Sent Packing;Week 5 Power Rankings

Late this week so I’ll skip the bullshit — I quite honestly feel like we are just getting one amazing episode after another. The Challenge listened when we asked fo no redemption, less drama and more action. We certainly haven’t been drama-free, just more appropriately-timed segments. On top of it all, I feel as though we’ve been served up with crushing eliminations on a weekly basis.

Love or hate these characters, we’ve seen champs Ashley M, Bananas, CT and Zach leave in consecutive weeks to open this bloodbath. This week we got to see champ v champ with Wes and Zach.

If viewers aren’t happy at this point, they’ll never be satisfied.

In this ep, we saw Bear completely lose it. Packaged with Da’Vonne, he grew tired of falling behind in the daily and decided to throw in the towel. While TJ was none-too-pleased, I somewhat understand his frustration —and that’s nothing against Day.

We’re in a competition where if you don’t finish in the top three, it doesn’t really matter where you finish. Consistently falling behind in the mid-tier can certainly my grind on a competitor —and while I don’t agree with quitting, especially for the sake of your partner, I can see the reason for backing off.

Later, we see Kyle try to play his cards, feeding Bear advice to keep antagonizing the entire house —hoping it’ll get Bear thrown in and keep Zach safe. Nice try, Kyle.

We see more cringey-Cara with her and Paulie’s Harley/Joker tribute (Why So Serious?), and some more drama in the house.

Many apologies —I didn’t not get a full list done earlier. This will be a picture-less, compacted version of my power rankings headed into tonight’s episode, just want them out (w minimal notes):

1. Paulie & Ninja

I refuse to drop them until they stop winning. They’ve been #1 all season for me.  

2. Wes & Dee

Moving up big —not only did they go in and get it done v Zach/Zahida, they have the Relic this week. Wes is controlling this game right now. 

3. Cara Maria & Theo

My god it pains me to move them up, but they’ve been winning. Theo looks more legit each week. 

4. Kyle & Mattie

This might be a mistake considering Kyle lost his big ally Zach; they only drop one spot.  

5. Kam & Ash

Again, way quiet. Wondering when we see this large team make some noise.  

6. Hunter & Georgia

My gut says not to overreact to that performance last week. There’s a lot to be said about the fact anyone outside of the top three each week has little incentive to win, maybe Hunter felt a bit of that. Didn’t love seeing him quit, falling from 2 to 6. 

7. Nany & Turbo

Ugh I hate to admit when I’m wrong. To be truthful, I’m not totally folding. I still don’t think Nany is going to do anything but hold Turbo back. Their top-three two weeks ago was misleading as it was all Turbo —but last week took a team effort. Interested to see what the next comp looks like for Nany...if they do well it might be time for me to shut up. 

8. Amanda & Josh

I think Josh might be a little better than I’ve given him credit for —and I’m an Amanda-believer. Just wanna see them in the top three again...

9. Da’Vonne & Bear

Really tough to put them on the scale last week...I think Bear has more than he’s shown.  

10. Jenna & Gus

They looked copetent last week, but will Zach leaving hurt or help Jenna?

11. Leroy & Shaleen

For the sake of Leroy, do something.  



 5th: Zach & Zahida

4th & 3rd : CT & Julia/Natalie & JP

2nd: Bananas & Morgan

1st: Ashley & Chase

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