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Double Elim! Week 4 Power Rankings

Double Elim! Week 4 Power Rankings


Holy. Smokes. What an episode. Great daily, great Tribunal, more fighting, and an elimination that will change the face of this game for the rest of the season.

This isn’t a recap site, so if you’re looking for everything that went down, go listen to the homies (Shanni + Zach) at SaniacPodcast.com. If you wanna talk some shit and make some projections, you’re in the right spot.

We have to talk about the daily challenge —things pretty much went how most would have expected them to. Ninja and Paulie go first and it’s comically easy. Until they fuck something up, they are locked and loaded weekly at number one.

We see a bunch of teams fail, and then Zach smartens up and decides to take the lead as the first man to be the bell-ringer, and knocks it out easily. Other teams follow suit —a couple of standouts are Wes failing to ring his bell, and Kyle falling a fingertip short (and then crying about it..?). But don’t sell him short on that alone, he’s a fucking badass tonight and we will touch on that later.

One more thing: Georgia baby, on my mind! I’ve had Hunter and Georgia #2 for a couple weeks now (taking over for Kam and Ash), and goddamnit, they’ll make it if you believe! (Lyric related to my site for those that caught it). But seriously, Hunter swinging the pendulum and Georgia absolutely crushing her part has me really, really buying into these two. All Hunter needs is a halfway decent partner, and she looks to easily fill that role.

Some other takes:

Watching Bear in the house, I commented to my wife and daughter that he looked just like the Jared Leto Joker...only moments later it  paid off during Halloween.  Maybe I had subconsciously filed that away having seen a clip —but either way even sans-makeup he looks just like the dude, and carries himself that way.

Natalie Negrotti, you fucking suck. I’ve been turned off by you since BB18 when you used all the guys, used your tits as a weapon and then called guys out for commenting on that fact, which ended up getting Paulie into hot water (and eliminated) as well. Then you came on Vendettas and insisted Bananas go after Victor with no mercy —I still don’t know why..? Victor and Natalie never had any issues, and he was an all-around nice guy. She made up for it a bit being Paulie’s teammate with some feel-good moments, but this ep?  Nat gets called down to battle Mattie and she calls her a bully?? Wtf Natalie? Complete bullshit that she throws that word around. Guess what? If I was tall-ass Mattie I would call your teeny ass in too...cause the point is to win. Also, it’s pretty clear that you suck at challenges, you’re the perfect person to pick. Should Mattie have to call out the biggest, baddest female? GFY, Natalie. Won’t miss ya. Neither will MTV.

Couldn’t help but crack up at Paulie and Kyle kiss-fighting twice...the second time while Paulie rocked guyliner and Kyle w pigtails.

Also...I’ve been a Kyle fan in the past, but his attitude toward all this BS has turned me off lately. I’ve always liked Paulie (as a competitor and character). They are now both toward the top of my faves list. I’m neither here nor there with CT —I like his arc but I’m also not a super fan as I’ve always tended to side with Bananas—but I could not have been cheering for Kyle any louder last night. It was an odd spot, I’m a Paulie fan, a Cara “hater,” and have been in the middle on Kyle. Certainly, Kyle winning is not good for Paulie, but it’s even worse maybe for Cara, which makes it sweet. Reading back on this paragraph is a bit like Jenna explaining friendships...rough.  Sorry about that.

I’ve been cautious all season ranking CT & Julia.  My gut told me 10-11 but CT’s track record had them slightly inside the top 10.  Looks as though I was right to keep them knocked down.  

I also kept Natalie N & JP very low all season, so it feels good to knock one of them off my list —win for the ranker!

Lastly —what an incredible beginning to this season.  Aside from the theatrics and beautiful shots, everyone has come to play.  In the first three eliminations, we’ve seen TEN championships walk out.  Ashley, defending & two-time champ...GONE.  Bananas, six-time champ...GONE.  CT, two-time champ...GONE.  We have never seen this caliber of players eliminated this quickly in a season —and it should only get better from here.  In response to a sad fan (having lost CT and Bananas), TJ Lavin responded today on Twitter:



1. Paulie & Ninja Natalie


Another week, another win. Paulie let Ninja shine this time around, and it’s gotta be pretty damn exciting knowing that both partners can carry equal weight. I said it from the beginning, but Natalie skipping over some legends to choose Paulie first looks like the exact right move.  This team is setting the pace for everyone else to keep up with.

2. Hunter & Georgia


I’ll admit, I was a wee bit apprehensive in putting these two at number two last week —but Georgia’s dominance and no-fear attitude this week has solidified that stance. Hunter is an absolute beast, and for now he’s linked up with Wes. Georgia looks a bit like the real deal as well. Plus, again, she has Killing Room experience already.  The downside: Hunter my dude, stop playing politics like this.  Amanda was an ally! What did you accomplish calling her in!? 

3. Kyle & Mattie


Ohhhhhhhh boy! Kyle you jumped into the top three and into our hearts. Firstly, what a god damned elimination performance. Kyle outlasting CT & JP was just a monster showing, especially following his partner Mattie manhandling her round and keeping their team together.  If nothing else, you gotta imagine the rest of the house seeing this will prevent their names from being called for a while.  They aren’t jumping to #3 just because they had a good night, they’re jumping because they just showed the house who the fuck they are.

4. Kam & Ash  


We haven’t seen much at all from these two...I just don’t have any reason to drop them further. They started #2 for me, and have since dropped a peg in consecutive weeks. Staying under the radar certainly isn’t always a bad thing —but I expected some more flair.  I’m very interested in seeing this team’s coming out party.

5. Wes & Dee


Quiet week for these two as well...maybe just how Wes wants it. He’s got some good allies and a strong partner, nowhere to go but up from here it seems.  

6. Cara Maria & Theo


I am so...sick...of her drama.  After Kyle dispatched CT, she was middle-fingers ablaize and trying to hurry literally the entire cast with “what is this, recess?” Pouting Cara is easily the most annoying but I also can’t get enough.  All of this said...top six.  But they are not trending up right now.

7. Zach & Zahida


I’ll start by saying I really want to bump these guys up, and it might be time. I’m a lifelong Zach Attacker, but didn’t think he could work with a woman well. That said, Zach seems to be working well with Zahida — however we have yet to see them in any sort of decision-making situation. Plus, they have an invaluable victory in the Killing Floor. If they can have one win, one strong showing, one moment —they could skyrocket up the rankings.  For now, I’ll keep them subdued a bit.

8. Da’Vonne & Bear


Not a great showing, but Day caught the bag and held for a long while.  Could have been worse. I am worried at what these upcoming previews may mean for Bear, as it appears he isn’t exactly impressing everyone on a personal level.  Want a deathwish?  Try irritating everyone in the house at once. 

9. Nany & Turbo


I have moved them up a couple spots HOW-FUCKING-EVER I am not changing my opinion on Nany just yet. We saw them in power this week, and Nany made a big move (was it smart to take out a fellow vet that seems to be friends with her?). That said...Nany swung the pendulum, which we saw exactly no one have an issue with this week.  Turbo is an absolute creature  —as he made this comp look ridiculously easy.  I’ve had no questions about Turbo —I’m curious to see how this team does when Nany is relied upon (I’ll give you a hint: not good).  She was able to hide behind a lopsided daily challenge that allowed her let Turbo do most of the work.  SIDENOTE: His overkill at the challenge (dance-fighting) as well as the Killing Floor (his long story) made me irritated with Turbo for the first time.

10. Amanda & Josh


I might be one of the few with a soft spot for Amanda.  I think she is misunderstood to an extent, and I think the world hates her based on her wishing ill on a horse while drunk around a year ago.  She did not have a good showing in this elim, and with Josh as her partner in crime, it’s going to fall mostly on Amanda this season.  Maybe the two of them can cause enough havoc to stick around. 

11. Jenna & Gus

  • Gus took a nasty, swinging punching bag to the face, requiring stitches and a couple of dry heaves from Jenna.  They just don’t seem to have it together, and I’m wondering if they ever will.  Jenna has been a subpar competitor in the past IMO (similar to Nany), and Gus is looking less and less like the ‘Young CT’ we were hoping for. 

12. Leroy & Shaleen


I hate to keep doing this to my boy Leroy, but ohmigod is Shaleen bad. A complete joke tonight, I don’t know what to say. Sorry Lee.


4th & 3rd : CT & Julia/Natalie & JP

2nd: Bananas & Morgan

1st: Ashley & Chase

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