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Banana Split: Wk3 Power Rankings

Banana Split: Wk3 Power Rankings

So much to discuss from week 3, most of which has to do with the fallout of Challenge legend Johnny Bananas leaving the house by way of TKO from friend and ally Zach.

First, we find out about the Relic. It gives the winners of the Killing Floor a one-week hall pass. If you hold the Relic, you can’t be nominated for next weeks elim. Hunter and Georgia knocked out Ashley and Chase, and therefore hold the Relic. Huge game-changer.

In the house, yet another cringe-worthy Cara moment, as she has a ‘heart-to-heart’ with Mattie about whom she is hooking up with.

Seriously, even Cara stans have to be putting their head in their hands, right? Cara, you have a boyfriend, and he’s even on the show with you. Why are you still obsessing over who Kyle makes out with?

If you missed it, Cara approaches Mattie and informs her that Kyle is a walking STD, and that there are plenty “hotter guys in the house” - which is funny because a) Cara spent an entire season hooking up with Kyle, and b) half of the last season trying to get him back. Is she really that miserable that she needs to even approach this? We all know I’m not a Cara fan and I even feel bad for her.

Moving on, this week’s challenge. We’ve all seen it, don’t need to go too much into it. What I will say —Bananas has no chance. The girls attack Morgan, stealing her ball and eliminating team Banorgan (is that what we decided on?), which appeared to be a clear plan. We also see several odd instances that push Wes to power, including Zach, CT and Hunter giving him a ball —the first and last of those in the end zone for wide opens advances. Did Zach get pulled to the dark...errrrr...ginger side? Sure looked possible.

1. Paulie & Ninja Nat


Absolutely no reason to move them down. Ranked number one from day one for me, still can’t wait to see them really flourish as a team.  Again, one of the few things that could go wrong with this team is Paulie’s temper and dick-measuring with Kyle —let’s hope that doesn’t get in the way.

2. Hunter & Georgia


Georgia and Zahida are the only rookies with Killing Floor experience, however not taking anything away from Zahida, Georgia has gotten down to the shit. Paired with the only defending champ still in the game, this team could be the team to beat, especially with Wes on his side.

3. Kam & Ash


We still need to see them in action —we do know Kam has what it takes to run a house.  Physically one of the strongest teams, and if Beast will listen to Kam, they can start to roll.

4. Wes & Dee


Well, well Wes.  He orchestrated the early upheaval of rival Bananas, and gained a solid ally in Hunter. Dee seems to be a great and strong partner —never discredit a crafty vet in a good spot.

5. Cara Maria & Theo


Once again, Theo looked good this past week.  They’re teetering in the top five for me, but I still haven’t fully bought in.  Is that me being anti-Cara? Maybe. Not a believer, sue me.

6. Kyle & Mattie


Both big, both strong, both liked.  This could be the sleeper team everyone is trying to pick early, that squad that isn’t a front-runner but is fun to get behind.  And speaking of...

7. Da’Vonne & Bear


...the ultimate feel-good story? Again, I couldn’t be more excited about teaming these two up —my senses get all tingly when I think about Bear potentially squaring off with Wes, and Da’Vonne going toe to toe with...anyone.  This could be the sneakiest, cheekiest team in all of Challenge Land!

8. CT & Julia


The mud pit.  I saw two girls get absolutely abused...Julia and Nany.  It’s a damn shame for CT, but it is what it is.  She is a ticking time bomb guys — tick...tock...

9. Jenna & Gus


This is another potentially good team hidden behind a couple of lookers.  Still interested in seeing what Gus has to offer —and I’m still not totally sold on Jenna.  But their general likeability could be their ticket to a finale, and anything could happen then.  

10. Zach & Zahida


Zach & Zahida went in and handled Mr. Bananas after being called out.  I said it about Georgia last week—as much as you don’t want to go into the Killing Floor, it’s invaluable experience to get in there and come out alive.  Zahida has been there, and it should calm her for the next run.

11. Nany & Turbo


The more eps we see Turbo, the more we like the dude.  But I’m still not getting past Nany. In fact, she got humiliated in the mud pit this week.  I see you.  Seems the podcast community is also getting on the same page...going from calling Nany a top competitor to a weak one in a matter of a week or two.  Eyes are opened Nany...

12. Amanda & Josh


Boy oh boy do I wanna put them above Nany.  But Turbo is so good.  Amanda is such a firecracker and, if she is to be believed, her mayhem is all part of a bigger plan.  I sure hope so...I’d love to watch the Challenge World burn with her laughing...wouldn’t that be a sight?

13. Natalie & JP



14. Leroy & Shaleen


Shaleen is so blah, I’m not even sure Leroy knows she is there.  Sad, considering I’m a Roylee fan.  Maybe another season , man  


2nd Out: Bananas & Morgan

1st Out: Ashley M & Chase

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