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Ding Dong: The (Other) Witch is Dead! Wk2 Power Rankings

Ding Dong: The (Other) Witch is Dead! Wk2 Power Rankings

Not a bad episode, eh? We are still trying to parse together how this whole season works, but it seems as though they are running with the Troika-theme, with tweaks. Three top teams form the Tribunal; however this time around each team gets a choice on nominating another team. And from those three nominated teams, each individual member of the Tribunal gets a vote (so no more Zach/Amanda part 2 happening).

Easily, the biggest surprise was Josh and Amanda as a top three team. Especially when you consider their opponents in this challenge, Turbo and Nany (Nany Nany boo boo). Meaning, either the Challenge gods have completely rigged this week or Amanda just fucked shit up.

I’ve long said that Amanda is a much better competitor than she gets credit for, in fact I’d say her worst attribute (ok, second-worst) is her loyalty. Today, she found herself on the winning side of things.

That didn’t stop Bananas from running circles around her from a strategy perspective, asking her for the teams she wanted to protect only to reveal she served them up on a silver platter.

Skipping theatrics, we see Hunter and Georgia voted in, and they get their pick of the litter (minus the Tribunal three), to which Hunter calls his million dollar baby down.

Most Ashley-haters will put this on their mantle —Hunter handled Chase with little resistance, while the girls split their two rounds, the second of which ultimately eliminated Ashley and Chase. Afterwards, Hunter hugged and forgave his enemy in an oddly-satisfying scene.

But enough with those no longer with us:

1. Paulie & Ninja


No reason to drop them anywhere. Sure, they didn’t win the tug-of-war, but Paulie had first pick and chose to face off against enemy Kyle and his threatening partner Mattie. Just shows the balls-to-the-wall game Paulie wants to play, and while it can be dangerous, he will start taking teams out. Still, hands down the best team in the game.


2. Hunter & Georgia


We got a little information tonight: Hunter and Wes have an alliance. Formed preseason, this could be exactly what Hunter needs, some brains in his back pocket. Also, say what you will, but being battle-tested is worth its weight in gold —Georgia got a taste of an elimination round, something no other team —and no other rookie— in the house can claim at this point, and should come into play later in the season.


3. Kam & Ash


No reason to move down, just had to open a spot for the new #2.  Still think they’ve got some massive days ahead.


4. Bananas & Morgan


Bananas calling out Wes and beating him —I think that does something mentally for him. Bananas is, at the very least, in the twilight of his career and I think he wants this one. However, Wes has shown a desire to chase him down, this rivalry isn’t going anywhere. This. Means. War.


5. Cara Maria & Theo


Regrettably, I keep moving them up. This has more to do with Theo impressing more and more —Cara got her dream game this week, but it may not work out that way for her always. While Cara petitions for weekly arm-themed challenges, TJ will likely find them a swim-based comp somewhere along the road.


6. Wes & Dee


You’d have thought Dee’s size advantage over Morgan would have put this team in the driver’s seat but alas, it’s Bananas in the top three this week and Wes looking from the outside.


7. Kyle & Mattie


For the record, I still like this team a lot. They’ve got size and strength, and I’m thrilled to see what Mattie has to offer. Much like with Paulie, I’m just wondering where the constant feuding will get either team.


8. Da’Vonne & Bear


Still really liking their thing, whatever it might be. We didn’t see much from them this last episode, but I still can’t get enough. I think we are all hoping for both of these mouths to start speaking some truth —but who will take to it and who will be irritated?


9. Jenna & Gus


Ready to see something from either of these two. I’m very excited to see how Gus performs in physical challenges, and how he and the other men in the house get along. Jenna is getting outplayed early by Amanda, who has her and Zach on trying times already. How will that effect her game?


10. CT & Julia


I really liked how CT handled the drama in this last episode —meaning he didn’t want any piece of it. If Julia can do literally anything, these two could be a huge value. CT will always be one of the biggest threats in this game, but I’m afraid it’s two-straight seasons with subpar teammates.


11. Zach & Zahida


Ohhh Zach, you’re something, aren’t you? He leaves Final Reckoning because he can’t get along with Amanda (a pattern for Zach), yet he heads to the Tribunal allowing Zahida to do all the talking. It seemed like spitting in Amanda’s face, which isn’t out of character for Zach. I want so much to like him personally, but between this and turning his drama around and forcing Jenna to apologize, he’s becoming a heel and, more importantly, a bit of a liability considering he’s making himself a target. I think he feels safe right now with Bananas as a distant ally, but we will see how long that lasts.


12. Nany & Turbo


I would drop this team again if it weren’t for Turbo. I want to remind everyone: this team just lost a straight-up battle to JOSH and Amanda. Let’s assume Turbo beat Josh handily...that means Amanda shredded Nany. And I don’t want to be a dick, but I’m not surprised. Nany is this season’s Veronica, but with more attitude. Mark my words


13. Amanda & Josh


Well, they beat Turbo and Nany in a head-to-head. Made the Tribunal. Great week. I really wish Amanda had a real partner —put her with Turbo and you’ve got a fuckin scary team. I just don’t see Josh doing anything that strikes fear in anyone, and Amanda now has the largest target in the house (and one less ally) with the subtraction of Ashley. This is bad.


14. Natalie & JP


Still haven’t seen much from the duo. JP looks to be fit, but we need to see how that translates to the Challenge. Natalie has impressed me thoroughly in two total eliminations, but I give a ton of credit to Paulie for his motivation and skill. Show us something Nat.


15. Leroy & Shaleen


It just feels gross putting Lee this low. We all love the guy, we all feel his pain when he gets knocked out, season after season. Unfortunately, he got dealt the absolute shit end with Shaleen. She is another rookie that needs to prove everyone wrong, or Leroy is going to go home titleless in 11-straight.


Ashley & Chase - ELIMINATED

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