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Lavender Ladies vs Everyone! Power Rankings

Lavender Ladies vs Everyone! Power Rankings

Well, it has happened. For me, one large fear for the Hunter and Zach teams were the women and their unpredictable nature. Last night’s episode put them both on full-display, with Ashley not only blowing up on Cara but also quitting in the midst of the weekly challenge. We also saw Zach and Amanda argue during a challenge for the first time. The clips were telling: Hunter proclaiming he can’t trust Ashley and Zach in complete frustration with Amanda’s unwillingness to listen. This is the crack in what were by far the best male/female mixed teams on this show, and two teams that have a great chance of winning a million dollars.

Also, very interesting - we see the Lavender Ladies pushing their weight and numbers around, which leads to a full-on screaming match between the LL’s and Cara. Doesn’t this feel a bit like the LL’s are taking charge? The scene last night sitting in their bunks looked so much like a hierarchy of sorts - with Amanda looking down upon Cara. It feels a bit like WWIII brewing and I can’t wait.

One large storyline is that the Devin/Young Bucks vs Bananas rivalry has seemingly cooled down. Do Nelson and Hunter want Bananas out? Sure. But it’s not their main quest any longer. Devin ousting Bananas in Vendettas may have been the best thing to happen to Johnny - he’s been able to lay low this season and perhaps that’s where he is most scary.  It doesn’t help that his main ally, Cara, is public enemy number one for the Lavender Ladies, and with Marie standing up for her teammate, they might not be safe by association any longer.

Could we be witnessing the beginning of unlikely alliances joining forces? Is there a chance to see the minority groups band together to try and take down the newly-powerful Lavenders? We are extremely close to watching some giant dominoes fall and, in turn, crush into other giant, pissed off dominoes. Get ready!

Brad and Kyle 6/1

Moving these guys up because, until Paulie can work back in the house, nobody really hates them. And moreso, nobody wants to face them either.  I would imagine Brad and Kyle should be fairly safe for the time being, it’s going to take a team risking their own skin to try and eliminate them.

Bananas and Tony 6/1

I’m bumping Bananas and Tony back above the mixed teams below because neither of them have the drama of the ladies. Tony has been seen in later previews being criticized by bananas for not pulling his weight, with no fight back. There is everything going for this team and maybe two things going against: First, they are huge targets for everyone. On paper, the best team this season and maybe ever..? CT and Wes were a comp. Second: Tony. If he falls back into who he was in previous seasons, or loses his drive, this team could be doomed.

Hunter and Ashley 9/1

Man, my heart is telling me they are the team to beat. My head keeps reminding me of Ashley and her unpredictable nature. I could see this woman get two weeks from the final and quit, I could also see her buckle down like on Invasion and win the whole damn thing. And with Hunter as a partner, the sky is the limit. After winning their first comp, everything felt so right. But after the blowup at Cara and then the implosion at the rope-tying comp, I’m scared shitless of this team.

Amanda and Zach 9/1

Can I literally copy and paste from above?  I was feeling great about this team until I saw the blowup and the following comp. If Zach and Amanda don’t parallel Hunter and Ashley, then I need to go back to school and figure out what that word means.

Sylvia and Joss 10/1

Maybe moving in a better direction. They still seem to have a bit of game respect for one another, and while they didn’t crush the comp, they weren’t the joke of it either. And they are laying low by being two likable characters. Joss is too much of an asset to drop this team further.

Nelson and Shane 16/1

Disappointing. I understand Shane’s fear of heights, but both men are in great shape and should have been agile enough to do better. This was a lack of effort, and a general unhappiness toward each other. Hate to move them down, but not sure how smart money flows their way after this week.

Marie and Cara Maria 16/1

This was a great episode for Cara detractors. Not only did she look stupid crying to Ashley at the bar - and before you criticize, please let us remember that she actively pursued paulie after he CONTINUALLY expressed disinterest early and told her he had a girlfriend (in fact, referring to Cara as hamburger and his girlfriend as filet mignonette). Cara then throws a massive fit, including going on social media and having the audacity to write articles about “girl code” when she, in fact, was the despicable one. That said, you can call it bullying, you can call it ganging up, but when Amanda expressed her opinion of Cara to her group of friends, Cara found her way in and decided to fight back in a fight she couldn’t win, and then totally shit the bed during the comp, to the extent that TJ filled her in about the “testers” of the game finishing in ten minutes. Double zing, Cara.

Da’Vonne and Jozea 28/1

They just won’t leave, will they? Still, being outcasts and alliance-less (unless Paulie/Natalie return) we should eventually see them go home, right!? With this game setup, we could see a redemption staple get a free pass to the finale.

Paulie and Natalie 22/1 REDEMPTION

See Da’Vonne/Jozea, just swap names.

Angela and Faith 22/1 ELIMINATED

CT and Veronica 10/1 ELIMINATED

Tori and Derrick 14/1 ELIMINATED

Jemmye and Jenna 16/1 ELIMINATED

Britni and Chuck 18/1 ELIMINATED

Challenge Hall of Fame Inductee #4

Challenge Hall of Fame Inductee #4

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