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Second Redemption Purge Power Rankings (09/16/18)

Second Redemption Purge Power Rankings (09/16/18)

*All odds are strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is NOT a betting site.

Another double-cross and another BB18 showdown. Jozea and Da’Vonne chose to face and subsequently beat Paulie/Nat in a weird, pyramid card flipping challenge. This marks the third time Paulie and Natalie have lost yet they are still in the game. Britni/Chuck, Jemmye/Jenna, CT/Veronica and Tori/Derrick never had a chance to see an elimination, they are sitting at home. That’s a discussion for another day, but hmmmm.

I think the biggest news would be that Hunter and Ashley are in this game! I have taken no time to plop them in that number one seed. Crazy? Maybe. But consider: Hunter is an animal. A true athlete, not just a muscle head. When healthy, I think Hunter is possibly the best all-around athlete on the show. He also comes in with his ride or die Nelson still in the game. Ashley won Invasion and looked damn good doing it. The only thing that can get in Ashley’s way is Ashley. If she can stay focused and play the game, she is a monster. And oh ya, she’s got a ton of allies (Lavender Ladies) in the house. What’s more...Nelson (Shane) and Hunter are both teamed with an LL - meaning the numbers are entirely in their favor.

Hunter and Ashley 6/1

See above. To me this is a four-team race, and you’re looking at the front-runners.

Brad and Kyle 7/1

Brad has stayed fairly subdued in later episodes, I think not having Britni around to fuel any fires is doing him wonders. Kyle on the other hand is a train wreck. Dude went from totally likable to asshole real quick. I’m sure Paulie isn’t an easy pill to swallow, but have some tact, man. I see Kyle’s newly-formed big head being a problem.

Amanda and Zach 7/1

I look at this team as almost the Yang to Hunter/Ashley’s Yin. Strongest males in the house paired with absolutely unpredictable ladies. Amanda is an above-average competitor but I feel like Ashley has more of a “get it done at all costs” attitude...if she doesn’t leave first, that is.

Bananas and Tony 8/1

It pains me to knock Bananas down so far but when the King of the Challenge is forced to start groveling at the feet of DaVonne and Jozea to find allies, I believe we are seeing the end of an era. He may have Cara and, while she is a tough competitor - she is quite simply the only ally he has in this house. We are used to seeing Bananas at the center of the Challenge World and everyone else begging to get in...and now he seems incredibly out of place. He’s got a new job, and while I’m for Bananas and his new successes, I’ll miss him, but I think Final Reckoning is his swan song - at least until he makes a comeback. Tony hasn’t done much to help the team either - and in the second half preview, we see Bananas letting him have it.

Sylvia and Joss 9/1

I still see Joss as an asset, and Sylvia isn’t a total liability. That could be enough for them to sneak into a final.

Kam and Kayleigh 12/1

Killah Kam hasn’t quite been royalty this season. She wasted a brilliant game move on an outcome that was inevitable. Everyone in the house now knows she has the brain, and it won’t be long until Kayleigh is put into a position to blow an elim and send them both packing.

Nelson and Shane 14/1

Still a wild card in my opinion. These guys have still not figured out how to play nice, however maybe that’s enough of a factor to not receive much attention or votes. If these two could relax and realize they could legitimately win a million dollars, they could be strong.

Marie and Cara Maria 16/1

Boy oh boy. Cara is a strong competitor but she seems to only want to talk about her man troubles and herself, while alienating everyone on a personal level. I won’t try to hide my disdain for Cara, but she has been on another level of insufferable this season in my opinion, and it seems pretty obvious that her fellow housemates are feeling the same. And with a new enemy in Ashley walking in the game, I get the feeling that even her Lavender Teammate can’t save her for long.

Da’Vonne and Jozea 18/1

While I still have the BB18 rookies toward the bottom of the rankings, they’ve proven to be tough to get rid of. I don’t see them as a team that many want to keep around, and despite their prior good luck, it’s gotta end eventually.

Paulie and Natalie 19/1 REDEMPTION

The Paulie/Natalie team would admittedly be higher (despite three losses in three attempts), but considering they are the only team currently in redemption, their odds have to be the furthest of all teams. I still get a weird feeling that this team will work it’s way back into the main house and allow Paulie to stir up even more shit…and I am all for that finish.

Angela and Faith 22/1


CT and Veronica 10/1


Tori and Derrick 14/1


Jemmye and Jenna 16/1


Britni and Chuck 18/1


Kailah and Melissa


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