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Post Mercenary Power Rankings

Post Mercenary Power Rankings

I thought it best to give this season a little breathing room before altering odds daily and weekly. We went something like 6 episodes before getting our second real elimination. We’ve seen two people sent home for fighting and just last week finally saw two teams (Jenna/Jemmye and Britni/Chuck) sent to the airport. We really had (and still do) very little information on format and team chemistry, however I think we can put some odds out there past the very first look. 


One twist is the mercenary rule. Is it fair? No. But it’s part of the game. We found out last episode that if a mercenary team wins, they join the house. That sends odds into a total head spin, luckily this is for fun. I have ranked Hunter and Ashley M with an asterisk, and though we’ve seen not only underdogs win, but also the introduction of completely unfair gameplay when two women face a team with a man, I have to imagine the Mercenaries handle Faith and Angela easily. That said, my previous write up addressed how Paulie was absolutely fucked by the shotty “equalizer” during the first elim - so who knows how this plays out. In the preview, I see punching through something. If hunter is on a level playing field, this is over before it starts. But if MTV tries to even this thing up, we could see Angela punching through construction paper while Hunter is forced to throw jabs at a vault door. 


And this voting system, amirite? Really fun. And Kam, girl, you outdid yourself. I’m a fan, always have been. That said, you laid out the plan of the century to...get a couple of rookies put in?  I will say - an underrated aspect has to be that Kam, fresh off rookie status on Vendettas, has parlayed a good showing on her first show with an appearance on Champs Vs, and now a big boy move and the girl that is fresh off the block is viewed as a vet. Well done Queen, I’m all for the coats girl. 



Bananas and Tony 5/1

They still HAVE to be the team to beat, right?  Sure, the target looms large on their collective back, but will that matter for a while?  We could see any team enter an elimination with the way voting goes down, but no one is poking the bear...for now. 


Brad and Kyle 6/1

Kyle, what a fall from grace, huh?  You came into Vendettas as a rookie with little interest and left a fan-favorite and a final under your belt. We loved your sense of humor and attitude, but now?  You entered the show cocky, mouthy and in a childish jealous-fest with Cara Maria. Asking for a brawl with paulie, despite his actions, were also pretty lowbrow.  You did have the line of the show so far, serious as a heart attack while proclaiming Brad may not blink again until the show ends. Putting that aside, Brad is at his best here and Kyle has come in jacked - this could be the best chance in the house to give Bananas and Tony a run at that million smackeroos. 


Amanda and Zach 7/1

There is no question that Zach alone is an absolute wrecking machine. We’ve already seen him dominate Champs Vs Season 2, and then perform very well on Vendettas. This season he has single-handedly shown his dominance early. All of that aside, Amanda is no slouch. So long as she can bite her tongue and not hurt this team too much, they should be fighters til the end. Add in the fact that Zach and Amanda seem to have the entire house as allies between them, and I don’t see this team going anywhere but to the final. 


Sylvia and Joss 9/1

This team is predicated on the fact that Joss is an absolute beast, a well-rounded, well-liked competitor. Sylvia has been a bit of a wild card, but she has shown up seemingly ready to play the last couple of seasons and adds a worthy partner to Joss’ strength. I think this team could be a sneaky pick to win a million, though Sylvia has to show me something more to prove she can run a final. I find this team very interesting. 


Hunter and Ashley M 9/1

This could be the ultimate stir up in the house. I have Hunter and Ashley at 9/1 odds based strictly on the fact I haven’t allowed myself to become overly invested in a team that has not officially made it in the house yet (SPOILER: They are in). I will say that if Hunter were in, he would automatically fall in the top tier of males, and Ashley (pending her mental stability) would be amongst the top female competitors. Put together, the only red flag I see is Ashley. Surprisingly I come at this a bit alone, however I feel Ashley is completely unreliable. I understand her dad passed during a show, but after winning Invasion, we watched her quit Dirty Thirty on day one, threaten to quit two straight Champs v shows, and then completely wigged out on the newest Champs v show. Ashley could absolutely be all game and a complete asset, or could be the lone downfall of team Ashter. Hashley? Whatever. 


Kam and Kayleigh 10/1

We saw Kam make an absolute baller move, but at the end of all her deception, she threw in a couple of rookies. Wasted move? I think so. 


Marie and Cara Maria 13/1

Still a bit of a conundrum, Cara is a strong competitor but her cocky attitude is being shunned by the rest of the house, and Marie continues to be a liability physically but friends with majority of the Challengers.

Nelson and Shane 18/1

I had this team ranked higher, however watching Shane throw the challenge this week was not only annoying, but also painted a big red X on his back.  This week Bananas and Tony (and Jozea/Da) got the brunt, but if you think for one moment that even the teams that were helped this week don't realize they could get the wrong end of Shane's wrath another week,  then we're all in for weekly surprises.  It's a shame for Nelson who not only is a strong competitor, but also got his ride-or-die Hunter back.

Da’Vonne and Jozea 19/1

This duo has proven to be resilient, and it's been nice to finally see the fire they bring to the game present itself for their betterment.  They are big movers and are the definition of Dark House.  See Devin/Cheyenne Rivals III.


I imagine we are ready for another random double-cross face-off, which is both great and a shame that two teams won't even get a look.  If I had to rank these teams on likelihood (and eliminate the chance), I'd go Paulie/Nat, CT/V, Tori/Derrick and Angela/Faith.

Angela and Faith 22/1 REDEMPTION

CT and Veronica 10/1 REDEMPTION

Paulie and Natalie 11/1 REDEMPTION

Tori and Derrick 14/1 REDEMPTION

Jemmye and Jenna 16/1 ELIMINATED

Britni and Chuck 18/1 ELIMINATED

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