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Vendettas Rookie of the Year

Vendettas Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year - an award for the best first-time Challenger. All game aspects taken into consideration; the winner of this award will hopefully be back for another season to show it wasn’t a fluke. 

Challenge Talk* Poll: Kyle

Final Cut Pick: Kam



It would be hard to look at the final standings and not vote for Kyle. Without the big picture, Kyle came in as a rookie and left beating every male except Zach. He made friends, steered clear of enemies, and was linked romantically with the strongest female and eventual champion. Personally, I really like Kyle. I can’t wait to see him in the future, although I can’t help but wonder if his game plan of laying low and acting as a non-threat would fly for another season. 


Flip to the female side and you’ll find a few strong rookies. Natalie played a strong game, and while she may have been protected by Bananas for much of her stay, that certainly seemed to be more gameplay than accident. 


To me, however, there is only one runaway for rookie of the year. Not only did we see Kam hold court as queen of her tribe of minions fairly early on, but we also saw her repeatedly throw grenades at female front runner Cara Maria and win three elimination challenges - two of those against Mercenaries. She also finished first amongst women in the first true daily challenge of the season, all the while accepting the target on her back and fighting back each time. And those aforementioned grenades she threw at Cara? Due to what I call terrible game design, they ended up biting her as bad as her target. Despite all of these things, she entered the finale as one of the most feared competitors. Unfortunately, the difference between Kam being champion and falling to 3rd place could have been her random loss of a game of high/low. 


Kam, like Zach, could very easily find herself as the new face of the Challenge. It’s not hard to picture Kam winning a few shows over the. next handful of seasons and being the most feared woman and, ultimately, the most feared overall competitor, on the Challenge.


Rookie of the Year Winners:

Final Reckoning: Paulie Calafiore

Vendettas: Kam Williams

Dirty XXX: Tori Deal

Invasion of the Champions: Nicole Zanatta

Rivals III: Devin Walker

Vendettas: MVP

Vendettas: MVP

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