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Champs v Stars III Opening Power Rankings

Champs v Stars III Opening Power Rankings

So here we go. I’m so on the fence on whether or not I should write these up (or even care). And I feel as I imagine most Challenge fans feel, half the fun of tuning in is hoping the champs sweep the stars. That, however, is out the window, as we’ve seen many times that the Challenge and Star worlds will mix this season, as production realized that the one-sided whippings would likely continue.


And as is with the UK transplants that come in for the main events (ie Vendettas), it’s very hard for someone like me to handicap half of these “Stars” on an athletic and social game standard. It’s one thing to take a list of Challengers we have seen several times before and give an educated list of odds, but throw in actors and models and ask someone to guess where they rank amongst each other no less our Challengers, it’s nearly impossible. I will say, however, after an episode or two we should get a fairly good idea of where some of these people stand (think of Lolo Jones, Joss Mooney, etc).


So, for my first take, I’ll give my best guess. Before Vendettas premiered, I had Rogan ranked high based on appearance (he was the first eliminated) and Kyle ranked fairly low based, again, on appearance - and he has a 1/4 shot of winning the entire show tonight. Any single person on the stars side could end up being a favorite after an episode or two.


CT 6/1

Wes 8/1

Tony 10/1

Devin 15/1

Shane 18/1

Kam 8/1

Tori 8/1

Kailah 8/1

Ashley 12/1

Aneesa 20/1


Arian Foster 10/1

Booby Gibson 12/1

Casper Smart 15/1

Josea Flores 19/1

Drake Bell 35/1

Louise Hazel 13/1

Brooke Hogan 13/1

Lil Mama 39/1

Selita Ebanks 45/1

Hennessy Carolina 45/1

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