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Devin's Incredible Master Plan to Oust Johnny Bananas

Devin's Incredible Master Plan to Oust Johnny Bananas

This whole thing plays out so much like a Shakespearean tragedy or a movie where you want to yell at the screen and tell the actors to just talk to someone, be honest, reveal this or that and you’ll avoid certain death! Where every step there is an easy out...if only the character would reply, apologize, something! Yet, that’s not what happened. And a plan that was so perfectly crafted played out on television in an hour, with such chilling precision you can’t help applaud Sir Devin Walker. 


Let’s start this out with the Dirty XXX Reunion and Devin listening intently on Tony claiming Cory was a ‘Trailblazer’ and that Tony had been doing cardio and putting on muscle because “those guys are in their thirties, we are in our twenties” and it’s 'our' time. You better believe someone like Devin filed that away in a dirty, dark drawer in the back of his mind. 


Moving to Vendettas, Devin saw Bananas and Kayleigh kiss, and kept it in his back pocket. Wow. For someone so anti-Bananas, it had to be hard for Devin to not use that, even if only as a jab, for as long as he kept his lips sealed. What a piece of information that, had Devin been sent home, could have been wasted. 


After the soccer challenge, Devin tries to setup voting Bananas to elimination, but loses. However, he notices that the deciding vote was cast by Kayleigh, who goes against her hookup Nelson’s vote, making him look stupid and seemingly pledging her allegiance to Bananas. Keep in mind, Devin knows this kiss information, no one else does. Yet he waits. 


Kailah enters the Troika, casting a vote to put Bananas in the Inquisition. To the audience, this looks like a moot point. But it serves a huge purpose. Tony is able to blame Bananas being in the Inquisition on Kailah, claiming she was only returning the favor. Zach says he isn’t voting bananas in, and says there is no way Tony does either. 


However, with Bananas in a rare spot of vulnerability, Devin decides to use his old secret and set off a chain of events a nearly year in the making (Dirty XXX). 


Step one: get in Nelson’s ear. Tell him about the rumor of Bananas and Kayleigh hooking up. Obviously, any other day he would likely just brush this off knowing Devin and Bananas history, or write it off completely and blame it on the game. But Nelson is injured. His heart is aching because Kayleigh has already cast her vote for Bananas. In his mind, he doesn’t need or ask for proof, he’s pissed. He believes. It all makes sense. 


 Step two: Nelson confronts Kayleigh...in front of Bananas and others. Neither denies the rumor, which is all the house needs. Nelson tells Bananas he is done with his games, and laughs off his attempt to clear his name. 


Step three: Unleash the mean girls. Natalie is hurt, though she pretends not to be. In order to gain favor with her, Kailah, Brittni and Jemmye devise a plan to give Kayleigh hell. This starts at the bar and spills over to the house and the famous scene of mattresses, bedding and suitcases flying over the rail. 


Step four: Convince Tony. This may have seemed impossible, but if you remember the convo Devin and Tony had at Dirty XXX, it was in the making. Devin knew Zach wasn’t ready, but played on Tony to carry out his plan. This was, all things considered, the key to the whole plot. If Tony got cold feet, all of this was for nought. And Tony even said that Bananas gave him advice prior to coming to Vendettas: Play with your head, not your heart. 


Step five: Get a competition he could actually win. I mean let’s be real, Devin claimed he wanted something physical, but he didn’t. Johnny Bananas is a beast of a man and competitor - he is agile, strong and has great endurance. He’s only gotten bigger and leaner over the years. No one actually wants to face Johnny Bananas. But, if the Challenge gods could just throw Devin and Tony a bone...maybe, just maybe...


Step six:  Actually beat Bananas. All of this - the planning, the timing, the little white lies/revelations, the tearing apart of relationships, the bold move by Tony - ALL of this means nothing if Bananas does what he did to Jordan when he called him out. Devin can mastermind all he wants, but if he doesn’t execute, it doesn’t matter. No one cares, and he likely never gets another real shot to do what he did here. 


And that brings us to what happened. Devin gets exactly what he needs: an elimination with no physical interaction between he and Bananas. And elimination which requires more brain than muscle. More memory than agility. Devin gets dealt the winning hand and all he needs to do is not fold. 


This elimination won’t go down on the same level as the Johnny Bananas backpack simply because it was not a physical battle, but was just as intense based on the stakes. But the chips fell where Devin wanted, and turned the whole game on its head. Now, Devin has finally met the point where talk turns into fruition. Where, even if until only next time they meet, Devin has won. He stands above Bananas. Today.

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