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Final Vendettas Rankings

Final Vendettas Rankings

Here we are. One show from finding out who wins Vendettas and who has to live with knowing they came that close. 


And speaking of that close: I want everyone to realize something - Jemmye was one foot race up and down a hill from being a lock to go to the finals. Once TJ announced that all women would be heading to the finals after the truck challenge, that’s all I could think about. Jemmye. Uncoordinated. Loud-mouthed. Annoying. She never even saw an elimination (because let’s face it, had she gone into one, she would have been toast). She was THAT close. 


Instead, snap to reality. Once again, we see the pain in Nelson’s face, having come so close to a final. If you remember, he finished Invasion as what appeared to be the champion - he ran a smooth, consistent finale that season, but was edged by a hair by CT. This guy, despite his flaws, is a competitor. He wants to win this show more than anyone. Nelson will have to wait one more year. 


That led us to the first of a few awkward voting moments. The Troika consisted of Tony, Kailah and Cara Maria. Their first task: to vote one male not into elimination, but into the final. Tony’s first thought was smart - don’t let Zach walk through. That plan was thwarted when Kailah and Cara immediately proclaimed their allegiance toward Zach, proving it was a battle Tony was not going to win. Instead of fight it, Tony embraced it and allowed himself to look like the hero to Zach (Zach asking if he could “hug the big guy” to which Kailah asked “what about us!?” If only he knew they were the reason he was saved). But Tony is more than willing to do the dirty this season, only to immediately try and play buddy buddy (more on that later!) 


We have our women set: Kailah, Cara Maria, Nicole Z and Kam are set to run the final (4 and 4 this season? Interesting). We still need to narrow down the boys side, which consists of Brad, Tony, Zach, Kyle and Leroy. Tony is safe. Zach is safe. And here we go again...the Troika is not picking the two losers but, instead, voting on the one guy they want to save. 


During the final Inquisition, Brad pretty much knows he isn’t getting the votes, and he’s content.  Yet another reason, love or hate him, to respect Brad.  Not one time has he complained about the votes, about being in the Inquisition, about being in an elim. He’s a vet that knows the game and knows he doesn’t have the alliance backing. He knows this is a game, whether it’s for money or pride, he doesn’t bitch and moan when he hears his name. Big ups to Brad - and a hell of a run for his first time back. 


On the other hand, we have a mini-war. Kyle jokes to Cara about sleeping with her. If that’s not enough to earn her vote, what is? Leroy takes a more aggressive route. Let’s discuss this. In my opinion: Leroy may have come a tad hot. But in no way do I think he was entitled or overly aggressive. He is one step, one vote, from running a final. He has a panel of friends with his fate in their hands. Leroy is long-known to be the nice guy, the guy that everyone can come to. A support system, a friend. I think the panic builds up. You hear Kyle talk and you know he’s well-liked, you know he has Cara’s interest. You also know that Kyle has made quips about not wanting to be there. About not caring about the Challenge. Maybe he wants it now, when he can taste the money, but does that make him worthy? 


I feel as though Leroy sensed his friends might stab him in the front. He panicked, got desperate, and started to come off a bit demanding. His demands, though, I took as a plea. The sort of way you might talk with your head in a guillotine. The last semblance of pride mixed with vulnerability. Leroy didn’t beg, he wasn’t going to do that. He put it in their faces. Like a dogs nose to his own excrement, if you’re going to do this to me, I’m going to give you all the reasons you should feel like shit after. 


It all ends with Kyle getting the final blessing out at the elimination ring - and Leroy losing his cool. Once a man tamed, maybe even neutered - Leroy was unhinged. He let Tony know how he felt, but he also let Cara know. And all Tony could do was try to play the cool guy, while praying Brad could take down the steaming bull. 


Leroy exploded into the elim and never looked back, absolutely dominating Brad and ended a great comeback season. Some harsh words from fellow challengers as he left in confessional (about being ashamed of who he was during the challenge to his family), but just as Brad has done all year, he exited with his head held high, blaming no one, holding no one accountable but himself. Brad fought hard this year, and I’m sure he is going to be back. 


When the dust settles, Tony can only try to cut the tension by claiming to Leroy that he got him pissed off, almost as if he did him a favor. But Leroy isn’t dumb, Tony did none of this with Leroy’s best interest in mind. And in the last pre-finale confessional, standing on the battle field where he watched an angry Leroy destroy a focused Brad - Tony could only offer a classic “I have no beef with Leroy, if he chooses to hold a grudge that’s on him” type of moment...and we head to the finals in Prague, watching Cara Maria, Kam, Kailah, Nicole, Zach, Tony, Leroy and Kyle battle for one grand prize. 


One last aside: before the final credits roll - we see two final, very interesting Mercenaries appear during one portion of the finale...scorned and feisty Melissa and The. Johnny. Bananas. Nicole offering her take, “Tony, I would hate to be you right now,” and the final one-liner from the goat himself: “No need to pinch yourself guys, it’s your worst fucking nightmare.”  Never has a blanket statement hit one man so hard. 


I think this is Zach’s to lose. As I’ve said before, he was fairly dominant this season and absolutely crushed on Champs v Pros. He’s been a monster and this is a new Zach. He’s my hands down favorite to win it all.  If Zach doesn’t win, it’s his fault. 


I dropped Cara Maria a bit, only because her odds have been a little too close to Zach lately, and I find him to be hands down the most likely to win. She’s still a fantastic choice to win it all. Considering it’s one champion - not a guy and girl - it can’t all be about who can lift the most. 


The middle is where it gets muddy. I’ve lumped four players here - three of which have been in this range, and Leroy. I’ve got a little more faith in him now that he’s actually in the finals. Not only that, but he is sort of like siding on the team that isn’t the most talented, but is coming off the biggest win. He’s fired up, ready to win. And on the after show, guaranteed Tony wouldn’t win money. Is that a hint?


Speaking of Tony, it’s hard to look past his play this season. From the start he’s looked more focused, won challenges, and taken shots. He’s not afraid to step on anyone to get that money. 


Kam and Nicole round this tier out. I love Kam, but she’s never run a final. This is a different world and I expect a little trouble from her. Nicole has been here as recent as Invasion, and she’d likely have odds that resembled Cara if she wasn’t such a liability with anything that involves using her brain. 


Last, Kailah and Kyle. Kailah won the last challenge, which marks the first time she’s done anything well this season (other than beat a defeated Marie in the basketcase elim. I don’t see Kailah beating the three girls above her. Kyle is the same for me. He’s a fine story, but he would have to beat a dominant Zach, streaking Tony and pissed off leroy to get that prize...and he’s a rookie with no idea what’s ahead of him and he doesn’t have the body for it. 


Odds to Win Vendettas as we head to the Finals:


Zach 3/1

Cara Maria 5/1

Tony 7/1

Leroy 7/1

Nicole Z 8/1

Kam 8/1

Kailah 15/1

Kyle 22/1


(Eliminated players and their final odds before going home)

Brad 5/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Nelson 9/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Devin 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Jemmye 45/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Natalie 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Britni 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Bananas 7/2 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Kayleigh 60/1 LEFT SHOW

Marie 75/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Joss 16/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Victor 26/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Shane 28/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Cory 9/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Rogan 12/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Eddie 26/1 ☠️☠️☠️GONE

Veronica 28/1p ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Sylvia 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ LEFT SICK

Nicole R 30/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Melissa 28/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Alicia 12/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

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