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It's Zach and Tony's World; Vendettas Rankings

It's Zach and Tony's World; Vendettas Rankings

It’s Zach and Tony’s world, we’re all just livin’ in it.



Things are really starting to heat up, and lines are being drawn. Not necessarily lines between players so much as the lines separating who runs the show and who is merely a spectator. For what seems like the eleventeenth week in a row, Zach and Tony stand as members of the Troika, despite the women having a fair shot at squeezing at least one representative in there. Hell, even TJ let them know they got abused, as Devin played the tiebreaker and insisted the girls get at least one voice.


Instead, an all-male power three (the aforementioned Zach and Tony, as well as Brad) promised every member of their dominant swimming challenge team safety. But as we’ve seen with Zach and Tony, their word is about as solid as Natalie on a tightrope (more on that later).


Kam used her grenade on Cara Maria that, once again, ended up exploding in her face even worse than the intended target. One major flaw in this game; that there is quite literally no protection when using a grenade. The simple fact you can hamper a player with a time crunch and then suffer the very same fate based on teams made after the fact is, well, bad game design. The entire reason for creating these grenades is to promote the players to get dirty, make someone run a challenge with their feet tied together, with a blindfold, etc. The only person that has had the balls to unleash that kind of fury has been Kam, and both times it has been meaningless in a sense - Cara was able to pour lube down her own back in a challenge which involved water for all players anyways and now a time crunch in which she was put on the same team as the affected - and Brad who forced Kyle to do the next challenge with his feet tied together. MTV realized that wouldn’t really work with a swimming challenge and made Kyle sit out instead. My thought: you know what the next challenge is. You force players to use grenades the next challenge. It isn’t as if Brad had held onto this grenade for weeks and it just didn’t work out. So why not cater these grenades to the challenge? It’s a water challenge this week, so why isn’t one of the grenades having to wear sneakers while swimming, or force the grenaded person to take a larger ball to the net underwater? Instead you offer a grenade that sounds fun but ultimately just forces the player to sit on the sidelines. Bullshit MTV, you’re better than that. This is really neither here nor there, although I hope they work on this feature if it is to make its way back in the future.


Perhaps the best thing about this episode might be something you’d have to rewind to watch. Immediately after the swimming challenge, every cut that had Cara Maria in it was classic Cara pouting. Standing with her arms crossed looking to the side and down. The world is against Cara in Cara’s mind. Why would anyone ever play against her? I encourage you to go take a look.


After the winning squad gets the guys promise to not include any of them in the Inquisition, of course we see Natalie - fresh off of screwing Nelson over yet again - alongside Kailah and Cara Maria. This after the losing squad can’t make up their mind on the female representative in the ring, allowing the Troika to toss Kam in yet again (with an exasperated “Thank you!” from Cara - because obviously you can’t be seriously thinking of her!).


After an uncomfortable last-ditch effort from Kailah in the Inquisition, we see Natalie voted in to face Kam in what appears to be an elimination geared toward the gymnast. But, once again, Killa Kam comes in and gets shit done, striking fear into the hearts of Cara—err, sorry— ALL, the girls.


We skip to one of the last challenges before the finals, which we are told will shed the bottom two competitors before heading to the Czech Republic. A mini-final of endurance, we see each remaining competitor start their journey, speak a little about why they want to win, and come across the finish line. No spoilers here as every competitor finishes the comp. We are shown Kyle struggle and contemplate finishing.


There is little doubt at this point who is running this show. While Tony has been very good this year, and has a newfound cockiness since helping send Bananas to his early fate, Zach has been the dominant physical monster and the King of Kings. He has separated himself from Cara as the clear-cut overall number one.


So long as Kam is still in the game and coming after Cara, I can’t consider the fiery redhead as untouchable as I once did. That said, she is still my overall number two, but with just the slightest edge over Kam. Tony moves up as well because how can’t he? Tony has shown a newfound confidence that, if he isn’t careful, might be construed as egotistical, especially with his half-cracked smile as he watches those he promised safety to waltz one by one into elimination. For Tony, I’m expecting a bit of an early reckoning (pardon the pun) - whether that means going home early or just catching heavy heat, you can be sure that anyone going back on their word and then gloating about it will have some repercussion - only time will tell.


Brad continues to hang tough, and has proven to be battle tested even after the long layoff. There’s no doubt you do not want to run a final against Brad right now.


Nicole Z continues to move on week to week. I hesitate to keep her at such high odds strictly because, while she is in fantastic shape and is a terrific athlete, any puzzle could be her downfall. No lead is safe if she gets stuck.


One of my favorite dark horses from the beginning is Nelson. Say what you want about the guy, he’s been very strong, and not just this season. Invasion looked to be his, but CT edged him at the end. He got drunk and eliminated himself from Dirty Thirty. Now we are back and so is Nellie T. He’s made it this far and has done so by completing a challenge only he and Zach were able to, and held his own to force a draw with Darrell.


Kyle - what a joy he has been. The interview last night where he was open about Brad and how pissed he was getting the grenade thrown at him...Kyle let it out. MTV showed him struggle in this last challenge, although I don’t think he’s done for.


That leaves us with a few names. Devin, you did it. You called out, masterminded, then eliminated Johnny Bananas. You can die a happy man. But you’re not going to win Vendettas, so I think this might be your time. Leroy poses the biggest threat to Devin as the weakest male remaining (sorry Lee), but the last challenge clearly showed you and your teammates couldn’t do a basic swim, and we know finals love to throw that in the equation. I have Devin and Leroy as my bottom two with the best odds of leaving this week.


Kailah, if only your bite were nearly as strong as your bark. When she was campaigning to the Troika, she couldn’t help but boast herself as a well-rounded player. She honestly believes she is Cara or Camila, and that’s not the case. Until I see Kailah do it, she’s near the bottom of my list.


But at the very bottom, as far as you can go, then dig a bit deeper, you’ll find Jemmye. Jemmye has somehow stayed out of trouble this year, but this week won’t hide the weak links. I think if MTV reveals the finishing order of the race that concluded this episode, it would read: Nicole Z, Kam, Cara, Kailah and Jemmye.


The two I believe that are going home to start next weeks episode are from this small group: Devin, Kyle (not likely IMO), Leroy and Jemmye. I think Jemmye is a lock to go home.


Odds to Win Vendettas as of 03/21/2018:


Zach 3/1

Cara Maria 9/2

Kam 5/1

Brad 5/1

Tony 6/1

Nicole Z 9/1

Nelson 9/1

Kyle 12/1

Devin 15/1

Kailah 17/1

Leroy 18/1

Jemmye 45/1


(Eliminated players and their final odds before going home)

Natalie 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Britni 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Bananas 7/2 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Kayleigh 60/1 LEFT SHOW

Marie 75/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Joss 16/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Victor 26/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Shane 28/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Cory 9/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Rogan 12/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Eddie 26/1 ☠️☠️☠️GONE

Veronica 28/1p ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Sylvia 15/1 ☠️☠️☠️ LEFT SICK

Nicole R 30/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Melissa 28/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

Alicia 12/1 ☠️☠️☠️ ELIMINATED

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Final Vendettas Rankings

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