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Finally, The Final, Final Reckoning: Final Power Rankings!

Finally, The Final, Final Reckoning: Final Power Rankings!

*All odds are strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is NOT a betting site.

Is that ‘Final’ enough?  We’ve got ourselves set for a pretty interesting finale tonight. Four teams, only one can win, and that team could either split the cash or one member can ‘take the money and run, Teej.’ 

Just for fun, as an appetizer, my odds for this final, if it were individual-based: 

Paulie 7/2

Hunter 3/1

Cara 6/1

Joss 8/1

Ashley 11/1

Sylvia 18/1

Natalie 20/1

Marie 31/1

Notice anything interesting? How about the top four all come from different teams, meaning this truly is as close to a toss up than ever.  If you dig a bit more, taking the best average, Hunter being a close second and Ashley being the best partner of the top four, it would serve to figure that would be the best option. Sylvia and Joss would be second, followed by Paulie/Nat and Cara/Marie.  

There are intangibles, as always. Hunter and Ashley individually would serve as strong competitors, but put them together and I think they get weaker. The opposite goes for Paulie and Natalie, as I believe Paulie’s teamwork and good attitude toward Natalie pulls her up. And, to a lesser extent, Joss and Sylvia benefit from that same theory.  

All of that said, I still like having two strong competitors, regardless of relationship. Hunter and Ashley lead the way, with a tight race between second and third.  


Ashley and Hunter 4/1

Paulie and Natalie 9/1

Sylvia and Joss 11/1

Cara and Marie 16/1

As you can see, Ashley and Hunter are fairly strong favorite. The real battle will be for second, as Paulie/Nat and Joss/Sylvia I think are close. Cara, please don’t use Marie as a scapegoat, she carried the team through the middle section of this challenge, as well as steering the social game properly.  Don’t @ me Cara stans. Lol.


Will we see TJ during the final (not at the start/finish line?)

YES -130 NO +125

Will we see the winner steal the million?

YES +150 NO -135

Will Hunter & Ashley have a large argument (more than a little bickering)?

YES -140 NO +150

Who will have the better individual time?  

Paulie -340 Natalie +390

Hunter -190 Ashley +185

Joss -350 Sylvia +400

Cara Maria -280 Marie  +300

 Will any non-final Challenger make an appearance (like Bananas and Melissa’s card game in Vendettas)?

 YES +200 NO -190

Will there be a swimming portion in the final? 

YES +120 NO -115

Will a competitor DQ/quit/leave due to injury? 

YES +220 NO -200

At any point in the episode, will TJ say any variation of “you/they killed it”? 


 Will any team receive a time penalty (unable to finish a stage, etc.)?

YES +110 NO -105

Will we find out the champion of Final Reckoning  during this episode?

YES -135 NO +150


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