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Devin and Cory are in the House! Power Rankings

Devin and Cory are in the House! Power Rankings

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There is one safe place in this entire game, and that comes during a week in which you win the daily challenge.  One of the strongest teams in the house did just that this week, dominating the ‘Caged In’ challenge and dishing out their advantage of two votes and serving them to rookies Da’Vonne and Jozea.  Tonight, however, we saw one of the most head-scratching, hard-headed, umm, some other head-related thing..? decisions ever on the Challenge.  As the secret votes were revealed to the competitors, we saw a tie come to fruition — between Ashley/Hunter and Bananas/Tony.  This is not completely new territory, and we know by now that this means the team in power gets to choose one of the two (or more) tied teams to send to elimination.  Zach quickly proclaimed that he was sending Ashley and Hunter, to which Amanda negated almost immediately, stating that she is voting Bananas and Tony — and is not changing her mind.  Throw us a curve then, TJ!  Please!? 

Here is where it gets good, folks.  TJ tells Zach and Amanda that if they can’t agree in 10 seconds, THEY are going in.  After Amanda repeats she is standing strong, Zach wastes no time: “FINE, WE ARE GOING IN!”  Yes, that’s what Zach said and no, I’m not fucking kidding!  Things got quiet/awkward, with Bananas certainly not jumping up to save his buddy.  Hunter and Ashley put in a little more thought, but decided...’Nah. We good.’ 

BONE. HEAD.  Look, I get being a good friend and trustworthy.  But Zach, you are in a great spot. Your team, despite it’s flaws and your pretty obvious hatred toward one another, has been dominating. Admittedly, your partner is a little bonkers but she is friends with nearly this entire house.  On the flip — you have Bananas and Tony, and that’s about it.  A team that, mind you, isn’t quite the Bananas/Tony they would have been years ago.  A team that is essentially alone if you take away Zach, with Cara and Marie their only other allies.  Zach, don’t be stupid!  You are now looking like a drunk captain deciding to go down with a sinking ship.  Amanda made a strong arm move, Zach needed to take a back seat, let her take blame for the power move, and ride to the finals as a near-unbeatable team.  Now, they stand in elimination with Da and Jozea, and instead of a layup, they get Mercenaries Cory and Devin.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they have to square off against Cory and Devin!? 

Skipping all the drama, Cory and Devin need to beat both teams to get in the house, and they take care of freakin’ business.  A tight matchup against Zach/Amanda proves that Amanda is too light to make a difference, which also works negatively against Da’Vonne.  Zach heads with a literal and figurative black eye to redemption, where if he wants back in the house, he has to go against the likes of Paulie, Brad/Kyle, etc.  And let’s be real, unless Zach draws that double-cross, nobody is going to choose to go up to against him in a true elimination.  Zach stood up for Bananas and it quite possibly took a half million out of his pocket.  He has to keep asking himself, would Bananas have jumped in that ring for me?  No, Zach.  The answer is no.  He and Tony proved it 

So, last week’s power team and top of our list IS IN REDEMPTION.  Impossible you say?  Nah.  And we have a major shake up in the top three…a new number one and a new team in the house.

Hunter and Ashley 6/1

Hard to not put them back on top.  However, the  previews aren’t making me super-confident in Ashley’s current place amongst her own alliance.  I’ve been a fan of Hunter for seasons, but his general lack of understanding what is going on in this game has me nervous for their outcome.  

Cory and Devin 8/1

Welcome to the house, Young Bucks!  There is no doubt this team comes into the house at an opportune time, what with heavy-hitters either out of the game completely or sitting in redemption, and a whole panel of friends that can’t wait to get them inside the main house.  This just feels like the fresh duo can come in drama-free and focused.  I think Cory has developed a bad name — he started the anti-Bananas and hit list that has become the norm today, and I fully expect him to follow up on that.  Not to mention, his partner is the biggest ‘fuck you Bananas’ player in the game that is coming off an elim win against the vet.  I smell something special brewing, and they are a feel-good story.


Bananas and Tony 12/1

Let’s get down to it.  For all the anti-Bananas talk, he’s still the GOAT.  This combo should be a walking final, but with so many teams out to oust them, I have to keep expectations realistic.  I see Banony continuing to win, and although their path was made easier to weekly wins with Zach/Amanda gone, I think Cory/Devin are a stronger team.  Bananas and Tony have their backs against the wall, and they need to win to stay in.

Nelson and Shane 12/1

Once again, stock for this pair only went up with the addition of the Mercenaries, only this time, Nelson has two allies walking in.  Cory and (perhaps to a lesser extent) Devin are certified Young Buck cardholders, so while Shane lost Amanda, he picked up a very strong team.  Mark my words: Unless it literally comes down to Young Bucks left, they will not cannibalize and say each other’s names.  The Young Bucks are a tight unit with an agenda: Bury Johnny Bananas and win a Challenge.

Sylvia and Joss 14/1

Again, I think we are sleeping on them a bit.  Time will tell how Amanda leaving will affect Joss, he was outspoken in saying he’d miss her around the house —however sometimes that helps a player focus on the prize.  Sylvia isn’t a slouch, although previews show her headbutt Marie next week, and you have to wonder if it’s not taken out of context for the preview, how Sylvia and, perhaps Joss, get out of this one.  Could they be the next victims of the DQ?

Marie and Cara Maria 18/1

Very few things give me greater joy than placing Cara Maria, deservedly so, at the bottom of my rankings. And again, we can’t just sit back and blame Marie. Cara has been a shitshow on and off the Challenge this year, I actually have better chances of some in redemption making it to a final over this squad.


Here’s where it’s all about who you are friends with.  Good teams won’t get asked to play, bad teams will get another chance to win a one-and-done.  Again, odds below are to GET OUT OF REDEMPTION, not to win.

Paulie and Natalie 7/1

Call it a hunch.  Jozea and Da will choose them, and I almost see Kyle choosing them as a chance to send one more fuck you to Paulie.

Jozea and Da’Vonne 8/1

I love their odds to get out, simply because I see nearly every team that draws the double-cross choosing them as an “easy win.”  I’ll take better chances all day.

Kyle and Brad 9/1

They are middle tier:  If they pull the double-cross, they should win.  If they don’t, nobody will pick to play them.

Zach and Amanda 13/1

They are the strongest team besides Kyle and Brad, I just don’t see anyone asking to play against Zach in a win or go home.  Zach, you fucked up.

Kam and Kayleigh 20/1

I don’t see anyone asking to play them, they aren’t Big Brother, and I see almost everyone other than Jozea and Da choosing Jozea and Da.  These odds just aren’t great.

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