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Final 6 Power Rankings/Odds to Win - Mighty Christian Falls

Final 6 Power Rankings/Odds to Win - Mighty Christian Falls

It finally happened. In an episode where we saw Nick create, hide, find and FUCKING PLAY his own fake idol, an episode where Angelina really didn’t want to bring up that whole rice thing (but still did), an episode where Mike White WON AN IMMUNITY CHALLENGE —the biggest takeaway is that the islanders finally voted off the big, bad, super-duper threat that, just a few short weeks ago, was chosen as the weakest player on the boat (remember that!?).  Christian has been saved three times now — twice by allies and last week on account of his own idol — but couldn’t get past being completely vulnerable this week. 

And how refreshing is it that no one seems to be taking any of this too personally. In a show and style of show that seems to allow players to get really really butthurt for doing exactly what you’re supposed to do (ie vote people off, and not let them know that’s what you’re doing), David v Goliath has been massive blindside after massive blindside, with not much more than a “good job” coming from the recently-fooled. And this week, Christian was no different.  

Even after staging her big girl, resumé-changing coup attempt against Christian, Gabby couldn’t help but express her condolences for Alison after the first vote went her way. And just moments later, when it was revealed that Gabby was the butt of the joke, she bowed out gracefully. 

Christian’s arc was very interesting, to say the least. As mentioned, he was identified as a ‘David’ on the first introduction from Jeff Probst, and even further was fingered by the Goliath tribe as the presumed weakest of the weak along with Lyrssa. 

After running through an obstacle course and finishing a slide puzzle in seconds (“um, Jeff, I wrote slide puzzle algorithms back in college” ), he made himself a bit of a marked man just minutes after being a walking piece of comic-relief — although being referred to as “Big Bang Theory” is probably a compliment where Christian comes from — and growing a friendship with the two Alphas of the Goliath tribe, Dan and John, certainly made everyone at least squint a little, including his right-hand woman, Gabby. 

So, after all that, which also included surviving a couple of Tribals with the aid of advantages, after outlasting this season’s Malcolm 2.0 comp-beast Alec in a nearly-six hour endurance competition (where Christian quite literally drove Alec to insanity by telling stories), and by transforming from Jester to King — it was inevitable that Gabby take her shot last week, and that the rest of the remaining players finish him off this week. Christian had become that player that had no clear path to the final, save for finding an idol or winning immunity — but if I know anything about Survivor — this will not be the last time we see the bearded robot-king. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Angelina. Ohhh Angelina. Girl. You drive me nuts on a weekly basis. Repeatedly asking Natalie for her jacket, the “you told Jeff who you’re playing it for” speech when Dan chose to waste his idol on her and in turn, lost Brochacho John, and now - the “I didn’t want to ever bring this up again because it’s totally not a big deal and I would never try to use it to gain favor but Davie I won us all rice so that we wouldn’t starve and I’m totally not trying to even talk about this but I sat out of that immunity challenge that, well, you ended up winning so in a way I won that comp for you” plea that ended up falling on deaf ears. 

Not to mention, Mike won an Immunity Challenge! He’s always the first one dropping, so this was cool to see. He also sort of stepped up with helping orchestrate the vote this week. I feel his only chance at winning is taking two unlikable (Angelina and ?) or undeserving players (who!?) to Final Tribal with him.   

I think Nick has started to become the villain, which sort of sucks since I’ve really liked him from the jump. He and Davie have been my favorites, however the need to push Christian out of the game has removed the bigger target and, in turn, their protection. With both of their idols out of play, I’m just not sure where their protection is. Four Goliath’s v two David’s makes the next two Tribal’s seem pretty easy — save for an Immunity run on their part. I foresee Nick/Davie being ousted next, ending what was a beautiful comeback story that, ultimately, the David’s crushed over the last three votes. 

Let me be clear: my Power Rankings don’t necessarily predict the final four or three. I think there is a very good chance Angelina or Mike — maybe both — sit in the Final Tribal, simply because every player wants to sit next to them. No one would vote for Angelina, she’s rubbed them the wrong way.  I think Mike could earn votes based on his play, but I’m not convinced a full jury would be willing to give a Hollywood writer/actor a million bucks. 

If Davie or Nick can get to the final three, I think they’re as good as gold. The trick is getting there.  The other four should have a very clear view that these two need to go next.

Lastly — Kara and Alison. Very interesting.  I think their winning has a lot to do with who they sit next to.  Alison has been dubbed a threat by those on the island, and we’ve seen their fears in the three Tribal’s where Alison was one vote from the jury. Kara, on the other hand, has been a quiet assassin. She hasn’t ruffled many feathers,  except for maybe Dan? 

These Power Rankings can and will be dramatically shuffled next week as we see who the next person eliminated is - as they will be updated LIVE during the season finale! 

Power Rankings

1. Kara 5/1

2. Alison 6/1

3. Davie 6/1

4. Nick 6/1

5. Mike 11/1

6. Angelina 19/1



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