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Final 8 Power Rankings/Odds to Win: David v Goliath

Final 8 Power Rankings/Odds to Win: David v Goliath

Survivor is the type of game I feel like you need to open up and let breathe. Doing episode one odds/rankings is far too tough without knowing these players like you do when watching MTV’s the Challenge, where most entrants are returning characters.  

After the first handful of episodes I would have said one thing: John Hennigan is the clear favorite. He became jury member two. There was also a guy named Dan that held not one, but two idols. His torch was snuffed at the very same Tribal that he played an idol...for himself. Figure that one out. Then, we saw a Malcolm-esque player named Alec  —young, strong, dominating challenges —follow suit and end up the third-straight Goliath beast blindsided. The difference being that Alec was a plain and simple vote out, no tricks. The last eliminated, a guy that felt he had the whole game figured out a little too much.

So now we are left with a group in which the alpha is the day one nerd. We saw criminally-underrated Davie help win a reward and Individual Immunity in the same show. Alison was one vote away from going home this episode, while Nick was seemingly laying low in the weeds with alliances all over the place. Shit is getting weird on this island, and we don’t even need Ben Linus to do it.


Below, Power Rankings now that only eight remain. To the right, odds to win the show, as of now.  These change weekly.

^Denotes Immunity Idol

1. Christian^ 4/1

What an unlikely leader?  Christian has built not only a strong allegiance, but also a bit of a challenger persona. He outlasted Alec in the grueling endurance challenge, coming in at over five hours. For someone that might have been a bit of an introvert, he seems to understand people and certainly doesn’t have trouble making friends. He also holds an Immunity Idol.  He may have jumped the gun this last episode —only time will tell.

2. Nick^  6/1

To me, Nick might be the most interesting player in this game. He’s stayed mostly anonymous in a weird way —gaining friends in his multitude of alliances, while also keeping under the radar. Nick also found himself an idol during the last episode, and I just have this feeling he will be sitting Final Three. He will need to start building a resume, but if I were betting money, mine would be on Nick.

3. Davie 8/1

Davie has had a bit of an odd few days on the show. He helped win the reward that subsequently led to Carl getting drunk and ultimately eliminated, and also won his first Immunity Challenge.   He’s also the only person to know about Nick’s idol —and I just find myself cheering for him.  We will see if that translates to success.  Like Nick, he needs to build a resume, but he’s already got one of the season’s big moves in his pocket.

4. Alison 8/1

Alison was a target during the second Tribal this week, but was saved most likely by ‘Godfather Carl’ trying to command the rest of the island — a sin in the game of Survivor. She escaped by the skin of her teeth, but still stands as a massive threat in this game based on her brain and physical prowess, as well as well-timed empathy. The only reason she isn’t higher is that I believe she will stand as a top target until she can find a bit of a comfort zone.  

5. Kara 13/1

I think Kara is interesting in the sense that she is strong, she plays the game hard, but I’m not sure she’s been seen as a threat quite yet — and that’s certainly not a bad thing. That’s the difference between her and Angelina. Kara is likable, she’s focused, but she doesn’t come off as outwardly manipulative.  

6. Gabby 14/1

Confession time: I originally pegged Gabby as the worst odds of everyone remaining when I started this article. Then I started to think a bit about it — she just led the Carl-ousting brigade afterall - and has made her voice one that people have actually followed.  She’s been tightly connected with perhaps the strongest player left in the game. Her tears have been seen as her main weakness to seemingly advantageous in that she has drawn sympathy from Christian and Alison. I’m not ready to put her in the top three as far as betting odds, but can we even imagine a final three without seeing her face? Try it...

7. Angelina 14/1

The other end of the Kara spectrum. Angelina is  very smart, but ever since week one, she’s rubbed everyone the wrong way. “Natalie, can I have your jacket?” will forever be stuck in my head. She’s also made some questionable calls, including sitting out the endurance challenge to eat nachos.  Obviously she was not going to last 5 1/2 hours, but perception is huge amongst a group looking for reasons to vote you out (see: nacho-buddy Carl). We’ve seen her archetype before and it seems to have an expiration date.

8. Mike 14/1

Mike is outed. The island knows he is Hollywood. They know he could be acting at all times (thanks Christian). There is seemingly no reason to believe anyone on the island would allow Mike to win. Could he be taken to the end?  Sure.  But win?  

Jury (Juror Profiles to come):







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