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David v Goliath Episode 4 Odds to Win

David v Goliath Episode 4 Odds to Win

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Now it’s getting good. Now, we start playing Survivor. Huge blindside by the Green Tribe, which entered Tribal tonight with three former Goliath’s and two David’s. This is where those “tonight’s an easy vote” thinkers gets slapped in the face with the immunity idol. It all started coming to fruition —Natalia a little bossy toward and dismissive of her fellow Goliath’s, enough for Alec to go “nah dude, nah.”

And it was all the things that make Survivor perfect.  I was very sure the new green Tiva Tribe—consisting of former David’s Christian and his fellow nerd and adorer Gabby, and Goliath’s slam-town John, cop Dan and Alison—would take this challenge. And with Gabby calling the shots, they prevailed. Where I was mistaken was flip-flopping the other two teams. To me, it seemed as though the purple Jabeni tribe was doomed, but were able to prevail as the second team to finish the challenge, sending orange Vuku to Tribal. 

Again, if you just play smart, cool, together - you can get things done. Especially early. But the unbreakable bond between Natalia and Kara was not only threatening, but Natalia’s true colors came out pretty early. It was interesting to see Natalia’s jealousy really come to a head when Kara found some common ground with Elizabeth —both rode horses when young. It’s not as if she didn’t recognize her own shortcomings, as she proclaimed the budding friendship to be something she did not like. Even after coming off strong to her own Goliath alliance, even telling them to ‘shut up,’ she seemed completely comfortable with her spot. But Alec immediately began questioning his place with the two ladies, vocalizing to Davie.

Skipping ahead (this isn’t a recap article afterall), we see an absolutely fantastic, absolutely live Tribal Counsel. It goes so far as Alec standing up, walking over to Elizabeth and having a lengthy chat in her ear. Natalia, displeased again, was on the outs. Alec even had a word with Kara, although her vote was still thrown at Davie. Alec orchestrated a great blindside, my only qualm is that had he included Kara, he could have had a himself a true team. I fear he has excluded her and will now have untrust. That may not matter if they head to another Tribal and take out Kara, but that’s to be seen.

I am going to ditch the David and Goliath separation, all players are now individual entities.

ELMINATED THIS WEEK: Natalia at Tribal, Bi from injury.

Odds to win Survivor:

John Hennigan (Pro Wrestler) 4/1

Dan Rengering^ (SWAT Officer) 5/1

Christian Hubicki (Robotics Scientist) 7/1

Angelina Keeley (Financial Consultant) 7/1

Alec Merlino (Bartender) 8/1

Gabby Pascuzzi (Technical Writer) 8/1

Alison Raybould (Physician) 9/1

Davie Rickenbacker^ (Social Media Manager) 10/1

Carl Boudreaux* (Truck Driver) 12/1

Nick Wilson (Public Defender) 14/1

Elizabeth Olson (Kitchen Staff) 15/1

Mike White (Filmmaker) 17/1

Kara Kay (Realtor) 22/1

Lyrsa Torres (Airline Agent) 24/1

Natalie Cole (Publishing CEO) 25/1

^Has an immunity idol

*Has an advantage in the game (the power to cancel an immunity idol)


Jessica Peet VOTED OFF 1ST


Jeremy Crawford VOTED OFF 2ND

Natalia Azoqa VOTED OFF 3RD

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