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David v Goliath Episode 2 Odds to Win

David v Goliath Episode 2 Odds to Win

*All odds are strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is NOT a betting site.

David Tribe: +200


Bi Nguyen 5/1

(28, MMA Fighter)

She seemed to be the only real athlete during this weeks challenge, however she was the one that fell behind in the first leg while building the ladder. She also could be mostly responsible for losing the vote while trying to oust Lyrsa —she needs to check her social game and not expect everyone to fall in line.

Christian Hubicki 6/1

(32, Robotics Scientist)

Almost comically, Christian is taking an alpha role amongst his small group of misfits.  Gabby sees him as something he can’t even see in himself —and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Davie Rickenbacker^ 6/1

(30, Social Media Manager)

To the audience, Davie is extremely likable.  On the island, I feel he comes off the same.  He has been finding/preparing food, and while doing so, found himself an immunity idol this week.

Carl Boudreaux 8/1

(41, Truck Driver)

Completely blindsided by the vote this week, which knocks everyone involved down a peg in their confidence.  Control is a fleeting thing.

Nick Wilson 12/1

(27, Public Defender)

He was headed home last week before Pat got injured.  But Survivor changes on the daily, and his name wasn’t in anyone’s mouths during the first official tribal.  Christian is also fairly invested in this contrived Mason-Dixon alliance, giving a bit more safety headed in Nick’s direction.

Elizabeth Olson 15/1

(31, Kitchen Staff)

She took the news of Gabby being shunned by Bi and ran with it.  It didn’t take long before Elizabeth had another target in Jessica and another ally in Gabby.  Still unsure how she will fare athletically.

Lyrsa Torres 22/1

(36, Airline Agent)

On the verge of elimination this week, Lyrsa has found herself in a sub-tribe that found themselves secretly controlling the Tribal Counsel, eliminating an unsuspecting Jessica and shocking the rest of the tribe.  The fact is, Lyrsa proclaimed over and over she is not the weakest link of this tribe because she helped win the first two-on-two challenge, but I would venture to say that’s exactly what she is.  The only question is, will it matter until the merge? 

Gabby Pascuzzi 14/1

(25, Technical Writer)

Has a newly-formed alliance with Christian.  Interestingly, she went to Bi and Jessica to discuss elimination options, seemingly as a moldable free-agent.  Bi quickly turned her away, telling her who she needs to vote for (Lyrsa) and that she didn’t want to go into it.  Gabby got a sour taste, and when she was given a voice when she visited Elizabeth, team Lyrsa won her vote.

Jessica Peet 17/1


(19, Waitress)

Very young.  Struggling with loss of mother.

Pat Cusack


(40, Maintenance Manager) 

Blue-collar, hard-working.  Built the shelter for David.  After the Goliath Immunity Challenge victory, Pat was unfortunately badly injured on the boat ride back to the island.  DQ’d.

Goliath Tribe: -110

Natalia Azoqa 6/1

(27, Industrial Engineer)

Not a fan of Natalie early on, this could lead to allegiance from others, or put a target on her back if Natalie gains a following.

Natalie Cole 7/1

(56, Publishing CEO)

Barks orders, stands over others.  Massive target, although we’ve seen these types earn minions.

Jeremy Crawford 10/1

(40, Attorney)

Didn’t learn much after one episode.

John Hennigan 2/1

(38, Pro Wrestler)

Another alpha that is in great shape.  I believe he’ll become likable down the road.

Kara Kay 14/1

(30, Realtor)

Already sniffing out a showmance with Dan.  They could become a power couple, which means potential early safety and then huge reason to vote out.

Angelina Keeley 11/1

(28, Financial Consultant)

Believes women need to step up, find idols.

Alec Merlino 5/1

(24, Bartender)

Absolutely flew through first challenge portion that gave Goliath an early lead and eventual immunity win, also helped each team member across swinging pole.  Great team player and leader.

Alison Raybould 7/1

(28, Physician)

Lost opening challenge with John against “weakest” David’s.  Picked by her tribe as the strongest woman day one.

Dan Rengering^ 2/1

(27, SWAT Officer)

A little worried about him already throwing the ‘showmance’ word out there with the blonde’ Kara.  But a very fit alpha, he has to be an early bet.  Owns Immunity Idol (Kara & Natalia were present when found)

Mike White 7/1

(47, Filmmaker)

The only guy I knew from the start, recognizing him from School of Rock.  He’s already under fire for leaving for long periods looking for idols.  He’s either gone early or at the end…I feel there is no middle ground.


Obviously, one episode isn’t enough to give us a good feel of players and personalities.  There are long shots, there are those that look like early contenders.  Next week’s episode will open up better individual odds after the show, as for now Goliath Tribe is a very small favorite as a whole.

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